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Governor’s Summer Palace (Místodržitelský letohrádek)

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An impressive, romantic mansion towers behind the Neo-Gothic entrance gate at the upper end of Stromovka. The yellow façade, in English Gothic Revival style, dates back to the early 19th century, after the game park opened to the public in 1804. The building‘s history, however, extends back to the 15th century; originally a hunting redoubt, it was gradually transformed into its current form, and only the prismatic tower remained. The building is unfortunately inaccessible; its terrace, however, is worth a look – from it, you get a beautiful view of Stromovka, Troja, and the Vltava River valley.

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  • Governor’s Summer Palace (Místodržitelský letohrádek)
  • Královská Obora 56
  • 170 76 Praha 7