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Unmistakably a part of the public space outside the multi-genre artistic venue of the Czech Photo Centre is a sculpture by the Czech artist David Černý. His twelve-metre tall “Trifot”, made of stainless steel in a variety of finishes, represents an animated walking monster, whose head consists of a set of cameras (actual brands and models) on tripod legs. The set of cameras stands for the developments in photography over the last few decades. “Trifot” can also make use its lenses to track the surroundings and to display selected persons on large screens. The author of the work was inspired by the British writer John Wyndham’s sci-fi book, the Day of the Triffids. The sculpture is 8 metres across.

  • Monuments & Architecture
  • statue, memorial


  • Trifot
  • Seydlerova 4
  • 158 00 Praha 5- Nové Butovice

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