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Haštalské náměstí (Haštal Square)

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The Church of St. Haštal (Castulus), founded in the late 12th century, is the only church dedicated to this saint in the country. Since its founding, it also had a school and a rectory with a garden, surrounded by massive walls – today the building is used by various religious groups and organizations. There used to be a cemetery around the church, its presence marked by a cross in the mosaic pavement; even today the former ossuary with a painted tombstone on the wall still stands. At the corner of Řásnovka Street stands an unusual rounded corner building – the former hospital of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star, the only originally Bohemian order and the only men’s order founded by a woman, princess Agnes of Bohemia. The original building was demolished in 1965 and replaced with a new building that stands on the original hospital foundations and copies its ground plan.

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Curiosity: This entire area was a neighbourhood of the poorest Praguers, full of narrow streets with crooked houses and appalling sanitary conditions. Most of this district was demolished during the urban redevelopment that took place in the late 19th century.

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  • Haštalské náměstí (Haštal Square)
  • Haštalské náměstí
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