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Large Strahov Garden (Velká strahovská zahrada)

The Large Strahov Garden stretches across the slope at the Strahov Monastery. It was founded in the early Middle Ages as a functional garden; in our time it has been preserved as a fruit orchard with forested sections of oak and hornbeam. Between the park and the forest is a pulpit, in the forest hides a hermitage of Hell with the appearance of natural sandstone caves. The garden is ideal for quiet walks with magnificent city views.

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  • Large Strahov Garden (Velká strahovská zahrada)
  • 118 00 Praha 1- Hradčany
  • +420233107723

Object history

There are following gardens of Strahov Monastery: two little - Convent and Abbey gardens, little Vista with a vineyard and the Great Strahov Garden. Only the Great Strahov Garden is open to the public.

The Convent garden at the south facade of the convent is a place of meditation, closed to the public. The Abbey garden under the monastery is currently used as a summer restaurant. Next to the Abbey Garden there is the Vista with a vineyard: a platform with a beautiful view of the city and four small terraces with functional vineyards below. It was founded in years 1991 to 1995 on a part of the Great Strahov Garden by the project by architect Otakar Kuča.

The Great Strahov Garden is situated on a hill at the Strahov Monastery between Úvoz and Strahovská streets; at the bottom it is bordered by Vlašská Street and in the upper part it stretches up to the Hungry Wall. Its area is 11 ha and the altitude elevation is about 100 m. The garden was founded in the early Middle Ages as a utility garden. It has been preserved by this time as an orchard with portions of the oaks and hornbeams forest. In the past, there were more vineyards there. In the entrance pavilion at Úvoz there is a copy of the picture of Strahov Madonna. Below the monastery there is the garden husbandry; former fruit drying plant by Giovanni Domenico Orsi from the years 1671 to 1679 was turned into the home for gardener.

At the vista under the garden husbandry the statue of the Virgin Mary in exile was erected in 1994 on a pedestal of polished steel. Between the park and the forest there is a pulpit, and in the forest part there is a hermitage called Hell with the appearance of natural sandstone cave.

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Information source: Prague City Tourism