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One of the landmarks of Prague's Vinohrady district. The interior design and art exhibition and sales centre is located in a listed former market building. Top-quality foreign and Czech design is offered in this spectacular setting. The pavilion is the holder of the prestigious Store of the Year from Czech Grand Design 2013.

  • Shopping
  • design
  • shopping mall

Opening hours

    • January – December
    • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
    • 10.00 – 19.30
    • Sat
    • 10.00 – 18.00

Practical information

How to get there:

tram/bus 11 /X11


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  • Pavilon.
  • Vinohradská 1200/50
  • 120 00 Praha 2- Vinohrady
  • +420286017701


Object history

The first marketplace in the district of Královské vinohrady (the Royal Vineyards) originated in Tyl Square in 1879. With the development of Vinohrady, a marketplace in present-day Londýnská and Rumunská Streets accrued and in 1897 another large marketplace originated in Jiřího z Poděbrad Square where there also was a town weighing machine and where a trade with straw and hey was transferred. Due to the fast development of Vinohrady as well as an example of the Old Town (Staré Město), the Vinohrady councillors decided to build a modern marketplace. They bought a land by the then Chocholouškova Street (currently Slezská) and also a local factory producing mill machinery; the factory hall was converted by the town architect Antonín Turek into a modern marketplace that was ceremonially opened in 1903. The main façade faced the present Vinohradská Boulevard where there were wide stairs with two flights and with a balustrade rail, while from the other side it was entered directly. The interior reminded of a three-aisled basilica, the space was divided by two rows of steel lattice masts that bore the roof structure. The upraised part of the main aisle is glazed from both sides. On the façade towards the Vinohradská Boulevard there are prismatic towers on both sides of the main aisle and their upper parts protrude above the roof level. The towers are covered with a helmet-like roof finished with a spike and a finial. The building envelope is bricked and richly decorated with stucco and stone ornamental details and figurative sculptures. The façade has a rich stucco adornment, the style of which is pseudo-classical. The basement had two storeys with a cellar space and walk-in refrigerators, whose temperature was controlled by air conditioning with the engine room. 98 stalls were set up in the market hall interior, selling mainly meat and meat products, poultry, game, butter, eggs, fruit and vegetables. Market women from the Tyl Square, who were moved here, could not get used to a new place of work for a long time and at the beginning they would return back to their original work place. The Vinohrady market hall (Vinohradská tržnice) served to its purpose up to the beginning of the 80s of the 20th century when it was already in a very poor condition. After the fire in 1986, even its demolition was considered, but the Old Prague Club (Klub Za starou Prahu) prevented this happen and managed to enter the market hall into the State Register of Immovable Cultural Monuments. Therefore, a remodelling into a department store started at the beginning of the 90s. The reconstruction project entered for the competition in Cannes in 1995 and it won among other 80 shopping malls there. The Vinohrady market hall was opened after the reconstruction in 1994.

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