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Ponec Theatre

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Open space for independent artistic work focusing primarily on contemporary dance and movement theatre. It does not have its own troupe; instead, its dramaturgy is shaped by a wide range of contemporary small and large, domestic and international projects and dance productions. Ponec responds flexibly to new trends in the performing arts, filling a void on the theatrical map of the capital.

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Box office opening hours:

  • Mon – Fri 5pm – 8pm
  • 1 hour before the start of the performance – on weekend and holiday, except morning performances

Capacity: 110 – 200 seats

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  • Ponec Theatre
  • Husitská 24a
  • 130 00 Praha 3
  • +420222721531
  • +420724123882


  • Pulsar

    A human being as the most complicated and complex creation in the universe. We are…

  • World of Paper

    An interactive performance for four dancers, a musician, and sheets of paper. These days…

  • Replay

    The chasm between action and reaction, the generator of disappointment and satisfaction. 5…

  • The Process

    This project by Dora Hoštová offers a view of the origin of a work from various…

  • Correction

    We are very well aware of what is lack of freedom. But do we know what freedom is? Let’s…

  • Constellations II. (Time for Sharing)

    Silhouettes of three women are sitting on the steps of a small church. Perhaps the women are…

  • One Gesture

    Motus, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre present, in cooperation with the Ponec Theatre…

  • Swish

    Skipping as both a childrens’ game and the embodiment of aspiration and self-perfection. Are…

  • One Step Before the Fall

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see…

  • Devoid

    The performance is based on a real correspondence. At the beginning, there were real people —…

  • Animal Carnival

    Plunge into the world of animal imagination! An interactive dance performance for children…

  • The Cat

    „Once, there was a cat who lived for a million years.He died a million times. He lived a…

  • Momo

    People measure time with calendars and watches. But everyone knows that sometimes an hour can…