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Prague walks

The best way to discover Prague is on foot. There is so much to discover beyond the Clock, the Bridge, and the Castle! We have created a series of walking routes that take you off the beaten path. These are the things they have in common:
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    Beautiful views

    Our primary goal is to introduce you to beautiful, interesting places. Routes include architectural gems, amazing views and scenic parks and gardens.

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    Off the beaten track

    The routes avoid busy tourist sites; only rarely do they take you to their vicinity. Our mission is to show you the less well-known, but all the more interesting side of our city.

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    Walk like a local

    You don't need to be an expert in Czech history to enjoy the walks. They are the type of walks locals would take with friends or family.

Walking itineraries

Get to see Prague beyond the best-known sights!  Our scenic walks will take you to interesting neighbourhoods that are anything but touristy.

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Accessible Walks

The Prague Organization of Wheelchair Users in cooperation with the Prague City Tourism and the Prague City Assembly have prepared several wheelchair-friendly routes which lead through the historic core of Prague as well as lesser-known neighbourhoods that reveal different charms of the city. They might be interesting for anyone with limited mobility such as parents with strollers, etc.


You will find all the itineraries including the including barrier-free ones in our brochures. Pick them up at any of our information centres, order from our e-shop (you pay only for shipping & handling) or simply dowload it here.

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Guide office

Not big on walking alone? Our professional guides will provide insight and context to everything you'll see along the walk. Contact our Guide Office and join them  - they offer several standard as well as special customized tours. 


Prague walks in your phone

Extended version of our popular walks alongside other guided tours are available in SmartGuide app. Full city map, audio narratives, Augmented Reality navigation and offline mode for your convenience on the go.