• Winter


In winter, Prague is especially beautiful. Buildings covered with snow evoke a fairy-tale like atmosphere. Though the weather is chilly, visitors can warm up in pubs, cafes, galleries, museums or concert halls. What is more, Prague is not so crowded in January and February, so visitors enjoy their stay here more than in other months. If you are still not enough impress to come here, you can find out more reasons bellow.


Winter is the best time to taste Czech cuisine. Dumplings, pork and cabbage or sirloin with cream sauce provide sufficient energy to explore all of the monuments. Do not forget to try some soup and something for your sweet tooth!

Masopust (Carnival period)

 is a period between the Epiphany and the beginning of the Lent. In this period, Czechs used to eat a lot of delicious food, dance and have fun. At the end of the period carnival parades walk through towns and villages. Czech Masopust is safeguarded as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO and remains a unique tradition within Czech culture. So let's explore it.

Winter Sports

You may be surprised to hear it, but it really is possible to go skating or skiing right in the city. You don’t even need your own equipment, some of the rinks (or trails) let you to borrow it.

and more

If you have not still decided to visit Prague, you can get some inspiration in our recently published brochures such as Prague:Winter&Christmas, Prague:Design or Prague:Jewish. We have also prepared a walk through Lesser Town and Kampa for snowy and icy conditions. Last but not least, you can get inspired by our list of events which is regularly updated on our websites. See you in Prague soon.