Hilo de Ariadna

Neon Run Prague

Reserva de Hvězda (Obora Hvězda), Praha 6 - Liboc, 160 00
Provided by: EVENT media s. r. o., dotazy@eventmedia.cz

  • Deporte
  • marchar y correr
  • al aire libre
  • con los niños

Fecha y lugar del evento

  • sáb 31. 8. 2019 15.00 - 21.45

The Neon Run is a wild and crazy glowing experience!

This event is less about speed and more about enjoying a night of illuminating lights and neon glow body paint under UV black lights with your friends and family. The event is all about people of all different speeds, ages, shapes, and sizes toeing the start line. Come as you are! This event will be a 5k that is more about having fun and making memories, and simply blowing your mind!


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Information source: www.neonrun.cz