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National Museum of Agriculture (Národní zemědělské muzeum)

The museum building is an important monument of Czech functionalism, located near Letná Park. Visiting the museum is an excursion into the field of agriculture, with which the people living the centre of Prague really do not come across. The whole exhibition is conceived as a story that leads the visitor through the history of the hard work of farmers. Temporary exhibitions are also held here.

Opening hours

    • tammikuu – joulukuu
    • tiistai, keskiviikko, torstai, perjantai, lauantai, sunnuntai
    • 09.00 – 17.00

Entrance fee

  • basic 150 CZK
  • reduced 80 CZK


  • National Museum of Agriculture (Národní zemědělské muzeum)
  • Kostelní 44
  • 170 00 Praha 7- Holešovice
  • +420220308200
  • +420220308111

Information source: Národní zemědělské muzeum