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Slovanka Boat Rentals

This rental company, located on Slavonic Island (Slovanský ostrov), offers rowboats and pedal boats of all sizes, shapes and types. Motorboats are also available for anyone looking for a bit more comfort. For those with a romantic soul, an evening ride on a boat equipped with a lantern is sure to please.

Opening hours

    • huhtikuu – lokakuu
    • Whole week
    • 11.00 – 19.00

Practical information

  • pedalos
  • punts with oars
  • pedalled swan
  • outboard fitted motorboat
  • speedboat

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  • Slovanka Boat Rentals
  • Slovanský ostrov
  • 110 00 Praha 1- Nové Město
  • +420777870511
  • +420777800003

Information source: Slovanka