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Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria and the Hvězda (Star) Summer Palace

Memorial of National Literature – Hvězda Summer Palace (Památník národního písemnictví – Letohrádek Hvězda), Liboc 25c, Praha 6 - Liboc, 160 00


  • ti 2. 4. 2019 – to 31. 10. 2019

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The Hvězda (Star) Summer Palace, a renaissance jewel in the Middle Europe, was built according to the plans by the archduke Ferdinand II of Austria, a representative of his father in the Czech lands (1547–1567).

The motive of the exhibition is the building Hvězda (Star) Summer Palace, its architectural history, its stucco decorations and its art predecessors. The exhibition points at two anniversaries which are connected with Ferdinand II. It is 470 years since he arrived to the Czech Lands; 450 years since he started to rule over Tyrol.

During the twenty years, which he spent in Bohemia, he made some strong ties with Czech noblemen; they remained in contact also when he seated in Innsbruck which he transformed into a cultural and important political centre.

The exhibition was prepared by the Memorial of National Literature and the Department of Czech History, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The exhibition presents not only the life of Ferdinand II.; but is focused on the building of the Hvězda (Star) Summer Palace, which is his most famous deed in the Czech Lands.

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