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Black Light Theatre Srnec, Na Příkopě 10, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00


  • thu 1. 1. 2015 – tue 31. 12. 2019 20.00

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The Best of the Black Light Theatre! Antología is the most successful performance of the last years that has been appreciated on all the continents.

Its success can be shown on the following: sold-out square for 15,000 spectators in Campobasso, Italy; the presidents‘ visit on the tour in Nicaragua and El Salvador; or a performance in the NATO Summit in Prague, 2002 — four scenes had been chosen to represent the Czech culture to the presidents and prime ministers of the member states.

The audience is guided through the 53-year history of Srnec Theatre. You may see, for instance, the oldest black light theatre scene „Launderette“ that had been created two years prior to the official foundation of the Srnec Theatre. The scene „Magician“ allows the invisible performers to show their mastery. The objects appear, change, and vanish again. The audience gets surprised and fascinated. The nearly human behaviour of the four-legged friend of a Western bartender in the scene „Horse“ makes the audience laugh heartily.

More scenes in Antología, such as „Photographer“, „Luggage“, „Prisoner“, „Lamps“ and „Fish“ will entertain and touch the whole family.

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