Aleš Hnízdil, Jiří Kačer: Sculptures and Objects

Galleria della Città di Praga – Il Castello di Troja (Zámek Troja), U Trojského zámku 1, Praha 7 - Troja, 171 00

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Data e luogo di svolgimento

  • gio 28. 3. 2019 – dom 3. 11. 2019

Aleš Hnízdil and Jiří Kačer belong to the same generation of artists. Both of them criticized the former attitude towards art which led to the re-opening of the Gallery of Youth u Řečických which was the first venue where the artists can freely exhibit in Czechoslovakia.

However, both of them utilised different material and techniques – and their exhibited works will give the impression of a contrast yet they will seem to fit together. Hnízdil’s work is based on the meditative perception of space; he prefers to work with spatial lines (featuring wire constructions with kinetic details). Kačer contributed to the rehabilitation of stone as a modern sculptural material and seems to be inspired by figurative tradition.

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Information source: Galerie hlavního města Prahy