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Michaela Vélová Maupicová (1982–2018)

Prague City Gallery – Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace (Galerie hlavního města Prahy – Colloredo-Mansfeldský palác), Karlova 2, Praha 1 - Staré Město, 110 00


  • wo 8. 5. 2019 – zo 25. 8. 2019

The work of this prematurely deceased artist will be presented an exhibition prepared by the team of her colleagues from Prague City Gallery and the curator Petr Vaňous. This “artist and painter, sometimes reaching out to the object, installation and new media, has developed her own distinctive artistic expression consisting of ‘abstracted storytelling’, which can be described as existential. Michaela Maupicová’s drawings represent a spontaneously multiplying, restless, all-absorbing ornament, sometimes disciplined into symmetrical systems, sometimes running and spilling randomly over and outside the format, or expanding directly into space. 

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Information source: Galerie hlavního města Prahy