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400 ASA: Photography

National Gallery Prague – Trade Fair Palace (Národní galerie Praha – Veletržní palác), Dukelských hrdinů 47, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00


  • fr 1. 3. 2019 – sø 8. 9. 2019

Presenting artists:

  • Alžběta Jungrová, Antonín Kratochvíl, Karel Cudlín, Jan Dobrovský, Tomki Němec, Jan Mihaliček, Martin Wágner

Seven photographers from the association ASA 400 presented at this exhibition share especially the realism with which they view the world and capture its variability. The photographs reflect especially the present (the family of Jan Dobrovský), but also the roots in the past (Karel Cudlín a Jan Mihaliček follow the restoration of religious traditions, while Tomki Němec depicts the Czech settlement of Banát). Curator Josef Moucha also offers the photographers’ series linked with a more generally understood range of contemporary transformation of theprotracted post-Communist momentum in the eastern parts of central Europe or the Balkans (Antonín Kratochvíl) or in the Carpathian Mountains (Martin Wágner). Each artist will be introduced by twelve to fifteen photographs.

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Information source: Národní galerie Praha