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  • Пт 8. 12. 2017 – Вс 28. 4. 2019

Come and take a look into the world of the indigenous peoples of North and South America.

The journey will start with the visit of bison hunters at Great Plains. Further on, you will move in the northwest direction and visit some totem carvers, then pottery makers from Pueblo, weavers from Navaho and Inuits from Arctica who invented for example kayaks, igloos and also the hooded parka jacket.  

The second part of the exhibition introduces the present and past of South American cultures. First, you will submerge in the tropical jungle, then travel through the coastal archaeological sites to the Andes. You will see a presentation of the native South American cultures and traditions that we admire to this day, for their diverse lifestyles; their perfect adaptation to the environment and respect for it; their ingenuity, aesthetics and craftsmanship; and, most importantly, their strong spiritual tradition, which lives to this day.


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