Wine in Prague

New trends, wine-growing traditions and advantageous geography make Prague one of the top cities for wine lovers right now. Central Europe is just waking up to its winemaking appeal and Prague is exactly the right place if you want to be part of it.

5 reasons why wine is on the up-and-up in Prague

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    Gastronomy on the ascendent

    Over recent years many new businesses have opened up in Prague, bringing in a whole gamut of worldwide gastronomic trends. There are frequent food festivals and farmers’ markets held here. Whether the cuisine is domestic, Italian or French – Prague is well versed in all of them.

  • 2

    Central European terroir

    More and more Czech vintners are developing their wines’ wholly distinct character, based on local tradition, terroir and respect for traditional methods. If you want to embark on your own journey of discovery as to what makes Central European wines distinctive, then Prague has the best conditions in which to do so.

  • 3

    Dining both fine and casual

    In food and wine, Prague offers tremendous value for money. It is evident from every à la carte menu, wine-list and pricing of wine by the glass. Long gone is the notion that fine fare and wine are to be found only in a select few establishments.

  • 4

    Natural wines

    A few years ago you’d have found very little mention of natural wines, Pét-Nat or orange wine in the Czech Republic. But things evolve very quickly and there are now many talented winemakers bringing these wines to the market.

  • 5

    Prague is the gateway to the wine realms of Central Europe

    Thanks to its geography, Prague is the perfect starting point for discovering the wines of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy countries. Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, as well as Slovenia and Serbia are all nearby, close geographically and culturally.

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